Friday, June 30, 2017

Security of Indian Women Deserted Abroad!!!

The Indian ministry of external affairs receives a lot of complaints from Indian women deserted or subjected to distress by their husbands abroad. But the inefficiency of Redressal system and loyalty to social norms are reasons for every complaint are not coming in to light. The majority of women & their Children keep silence towards their struggles.

An Indian citizen who lives in abroad can file consular grievances through an e portal MADAD (Help) to address such complaints immediately with a high degree of responsibility.

Sushama swaraj launched the portal at the MEA headquarters and said that the portal seeks to significantly reform the linear process adopted to post grievances from the originator of the grievance to the concerned Embassy or Consulate of India abroad and cut down the time required for grievances to be sent from Delhi to the Missions abroad and to get them to take necessary actions. The importance of MADAD is fast forwarding of complaints, improve tracking and handling redressal and escalate unresolved cases.

After registering the complaints in the portal, his/her complaint should be kept online. The responsibility of griminess is providing to particular authorities through a color coded dashboard that would change colour if the response is not given in a stipulated time. 

There is a plan for linking the call centre to the ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and currently working on a mobile application to let people use the system on the go. 

MEA’s grievance redressal portal receives more than 300 complaints relating to marital distress and desertion from Indian women in abroad within 7 months. That is an average of 1.7 complaints per day.

What should check before marrying an NRI? :-

  • Check boy’s marital and employment status, employer’s address, type of visa and eligibility to take spouse along. 
  • Find out his financial status, properties owned in India, home address and family background.
  • Have regular interactions with him and his family before getting married.
  • Maintain proof of marriage and a bank account exclusively in your name.
  • Know laws of foreign country and your rights there.
  • Don’t take a hasty decision on marriage or be lured by boy’s green card.
  • Avoid negotiating your daughter’s marriage through a bureau, agent or middle man.
  • Never agree to the wedding taking place outside India.
  • Turn down demands for dowry or other unreasonable demands.

Types of complaints from Indian girl who married to a NRI:-

  • Desertion by NRI husbands
  • Loss of communication with spouse after he goes abroad
  • Harassment and ill treatment
  • Request for assistance in serving judicial summons for court cases in India.
  • Assistance in obtaining maintenance and child support and child custody issues.
  • Request for revoking and impounding passport of the spouse.
The problem is mainly related to Indian women who get confined in misleading matrimony with overseas Indians. They also disregard the things going wrong in an NRI marriage. The woman’s possibility for justice is greatly constrained and complex. In a fake NRI marriage the women are being outlaying far away from home and facing lack of proper information about the localcriminal justice, language constrains, communication problems, and lack of knowledge about police and legal system. The problem is huge and it includes the issues like dowry and various other types of persecution of married women in foreign countries, marriages of convenience, concealment of earlier existing marriage by the husband before marrying an Indian woman.
How to complain against such issues:-

  • All Indian embassies will receive complaints
  • Local authorities in respective countries can be approached
  • The portal for external affairs ministry’s MADAD is
  • NCW’s NRI cell  is take complaints. 

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